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Aegean Pictures

PIERS BROWNE has exhibited from Malibu to Munster in Westphalia, but... “I know that nothing sings in my best pictures unless the initial inspiration is, until the last line or brushstroke, focused to convey never unfashionable ‘Beauty & Truth’ – and in good coloured, witnessed Light as in my beloved Wensleydale.”

‘Til 2001, I had spent 15 years making my fifth book ‘THE GLORIOUS TREES OF GT BRITAIN’  the remaining extant book (available here) prior to this Provencal one;  then I turned more to seascape painting and, on the printmaking & poetry side, produced SOnnETS FOR A SiREn – 20 etchings, 27 sonnets which I may offer a publisher! My aim with LA ROUTE etchings is to bring warm, aromatic Provencal air into anyone’s sitting room on dank, dark British days.

PREVIOUS BOOKS A Shropshire Lad 1988 25 handmade books Kingsley Amis foreword. Publ Ashford Buchan & Enright. An Elegy in Arcady 1990 20 boxed sets William Wordsworth: A Lakeland Anthology 1991 John Mortimer foreword. Publ John Murray. Wensleydale: Etchings & Verse 1994 David Astor foreword. Publ Ashford Press. Glorious Trees of Gt Britain 2002 HRH Pr Charles foreword. Publ 4000 John Murray. Sonnets for a Siren 2008 20 handmade books + real silver jackets. 27 sonnets by PB. Love in the Aegean 2011 Softback, fully illustrated from paintings by PB with 24 of his shorter poems. 

COLLECTIONS V & A, Ashmolean, Cambridge University Library, Bodleian Library, British Library, London, Leeds/Plymouth/York City Art, Darlington public galleries, etc.numerous company premises incl Price Waterhouse, Guinness, Newby Hall, Tarmac. numerous private collections incl HRH Pr Charles, the late Felix Dennis, Edward guinness CVO, the late Richard Hall & many ex Ministers of the Arts! Melvyn Bragg: “I am full of admiration for Piers’ lovely work.” HRH Prince Charles in his foreword to the Trees book: “Trees also have a unique capacity to lift our spirits, and it is entirely this intangible dimension that Piers Browne evokes so splendidly.”

Giles Auty (Art Critic in UK 1965 - 80): “Piers is a true Romantic dedicated simply to his Art.” Justine Brooks of Leeds’ Fly Media: “What energy the man has - a good painteretcher” Diana Armfi eld RA & her husband Bernard Dunstan RA: “We both admire the wonderful intensity of Piers’ vision, and, in some of his Oils, the handling with its rhythm of paint marks makes for a strange beauty all of their own. His etchings are superb”.