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Mediterranean Pictures

"My main aim with LA ROUTE etchings is - as well as bringing warm, aromatic Provencal light into anyone’s sitting room especially on dank dark British days - is to tell a story that I felt forced to write.
 'La Route des Violettes' is  'romantic' but far from saccharine.
The twists and turns and one startling denouement - there are two other 'aftershock' denouments - is based on fact. An att empted murder is not from 'real, however.
The book was, in September 2017, self-published in hardback thankfully in a very limited edition of 500 albeit beautifully bound by Smith Settle with red jackets, and the outstanding cover embossed with a a small gold figure of the heroine. The reason for pulping is because the pictures, repr'd for etchings I painstakingly make and handprint, are NOT clear and bright. And the last text edit was not activated. So that aggravation is removed to the bin and collectors who bought the original small  edition can at least say they have a first edition and maybe sell their book one day for more than they thought they would.

Hopefully the new edition, larger format, whiter paper and now with no mistakes and no poor writing (and with nearly 20 more than the 29 pics inside) is now around 45,000 words and thus a 'novel, illustrated'.  Hopefully this edition will be bigger, better, clearer. It has been edited by the amazing Stan Abbot, a  litereary brainbox and once a prolific publisher.

'FREYA' THE NEXT ILLUSTRATED BOOK IS FINISHED bar setting the ethcings into the text and submitting to an Agent..

Please DO contact Piers for news anytime from late March 2021