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Aegean Pictures

Fairly recent Turkish and Tunisian etchings are "OLIVE PICKERS" paired with "PLOUGHING IN TURKEY" and seen a few rows apart, while two detailed little sun filled oils are recently on this www - 'VIOLINIST ON TINOS' & 'STORM APPROACHING AFTER OLIVE PICKING'

Hard-copy full-colour catalogue (2013)  of Aegean works are still available from Piers now for free

Note: the soft copy fully colour illustrated latest PB book "LOVE IN THE AEGEAN"  is nearly sold out (10 left at 28.10.16). It can be dedicated and signed, and being a light read and stuffed with good fictitious romantic verse accompanied by very realistic reproduced etchings and paintings, can be sent to you on approval and with P&P = £11.

THE MAIN EVENT is the about 15 etchings, mostly coloured, and same amount of Oils made to go with a show launching his 8th book 'LA ROUTE DES VIOLETTES' out Sept 8 2017 - launches at the Pyramed Gallery, York then, and later at London's La Galleria in Pall Mall Arcade nr Trafalgar Square from Nov 27 - Dec 2 (2017). ALL WELCOME to either show